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by Quran and Etrat Support -

Salaamon Alaikom,

As you have been noticed, we have recently migrated to HTTPS in order to increase the security of the website.

If you are using the mobile app and have problem in accessing the website:

Please add new website with this address:

And if you are new to our mobile app, you may start from here:



Support Team

Add/Drop Winter 2020

by Academic Administrator -

Dear students, Salaamon Alaikom,

This is to announce the start of Add/Drop period for winter 2020 semester.

Students who wish to change their schedule of courses can add (register for) one or more additional courses, or drop (cancel registration for) any course for which they have registered. 

In order to do so, you should send an email with the list of courses you wish to add or drop to until the 14th of February.

Please note that any request received after this time will not be considered.

Thank you for your attention;

May God shower you with His blessings!

Academic Administrator

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