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  • Overview and Mission Statement

    E-learning systems have shown great impact on new learning methods of learner based systems and have been proved to be effective in the best way for expanding the knowledge. Also, limitations such as the location and the time of instruction have been removed in such systems.
    Due to the help of enabling Internet technology, Quran and Etrat Online University (2003 – ...) is able to communicate with sisters and brothers all around the world in order to improve their understanding from Quran through the real knowledge of Ahl-ul-Bayt (Peace Be upon Them).

    The goal of Quran and Etrat Online University is to form virtual classes with the following directions:

    1. Strengthening (improving) the Islamic-Shia knowledge of students,

    2. Spiritual and Ethical progress of students,

    3. Publicizing the Islamic knowledge (wisdom) worldwide by students,

    4. The help of protecting (Defending of) Islamic wisdom worldwide by the help of students.

    • Two Excerpts From the Mentor

      1. The mentor was saying:

      With the capacities and talents Allah has given you, going after the knowledge is mandatory upon you. Therefore, tomorrow in the judgment day when you are asked about your duties, you will be asked about how you went after the knowledge. You are told that by learning and then teaching you could save thousands from blasphemy and you could guide them to Allah, what do you reply at that time and what do you do?

      Our master, Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) had said (Wisdom #479 in Nahj-al-Balaghah): "God has not asked from the people of ignorance to learn the way he asked the people of knowledge to teach."

      Before Allah asks from the people of ignorance why didn't you learn, he will ask the people of knowledge why didn't you teach?

      If a person doesn't try to acquire knowledge (and he could) and then because of this ignorance some people are misguided, then isn't he/she responsible?


      2. The mentor was saying:

      If you think carefully, then you find out some how the crimes that future people will commit are written in our deeds. Because we could create a better environment for them to think correctly and not to commit crimes but we didn't.

      Yes, if we feel these responsibilities and believe that our ignorance could cause the sins of future people, then we, like great people (e.g. Ayatollah Boroujerdi), try not to waste even one minute of our time.

      Translated from the book in Persian about late Allameh Karbaschian named the letters of Mentor (Rasael Ostad).

      • Courses Offered

        Quran and Etrat Online University

        Academic Curriculum (Fact Sheet)

        Quran and Etrat Online University has planned a curriculum in basic Islamic beliefs. The Basic Program, the first in the series, includes basic knowledge and courses about Islam based on the teachings of Quran and Etrat. This program is designed for the Muslim sisters and brothers who don't have any academic background in Islamic education or for anybody who is interested in better knowing Islam (Shia). The following link shows the curriculum of the program:

        Students will also have an opportunity to take a number of special interest courses that fall outside the above mentioned link program. Special interest courses will include courses in Arabic and Quran commentary, which can be studied independently or parallel to the other courses.

        • Why Quran and Etrat online University?

          • Seeking knowledge is an obligatory deed in the Islamic faith. The Quran and Etrat Online University ( QEOU) gives its students the opportunity to gain authentic Islamic knowledge .

          • The QEOU provides students from all over the world with the unique opportunity to acquire a higher education.

          • There is no geographical limitations for registration or beginning of courses. Doors that were once closed, have been swung wide open for impoverished and disenfranchised students from even the darkest corners of the globe.

          • QEOU's team of expert educators works tirelessly to educate students and open their minds to the power of higher education and  will be supervising them throughout the semesters.

          • The entire system is student-centred and the scholars and teachers are the guiders and facilitators.

          • QEOU offers various fields of Islamic studies and Education is for all ages, everywhere and at all times, maintaining the 24/7 slogan.

          • QEOO continues its activities with the permission of the "Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities"and its certificate is valid accordingly.
          • Contacts

            You can contact the teacher one on one, via the LMS system as well. Use the Message bubble, next to your name in the top right hand of the course page to send messages. Take note, that there is a 30 minute delay for each recipient in receiving messages. 

            For technical issues, you may direct your questions to the support team, ( and for any other course related issues, you may contact the administration ( 
            • University Tution

              Quran and Etrat Internet University is offering the Islamic Courses.

              However, As you know, the University is a non-profit organization. There are expenses for every student around $300 a semester. Therefore:

              • If a person is able and willing to pay for his / her expense and even support more students, we ask to pay for these expenses.

              • If a person is able and willing to pay only his/her expenses in the university, we ask to pay for these expenses.

              • And those who can't, we ask them to invite 10 people to Islam and Shia or to try and work in the way of Islam, InShaAllah.

              You may select button below to make a payment through paypal.

              • BLOG “Changing the Nation through Education”

                The objective of the Blog is to present the teachings of Islam, reflecting its rational, harmonious and inspiring nature through the students works such as " Articles, powerpoints, stories, videos and lectures ...". Please share with us your opinions, they will be published here.

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              • Quran and Etrat Online University Regulations