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  • Students Testimonials


    Testimonial is a written declaration certifying to a person's character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing.

    In this testimonial , the past and present students talk candidly about their experiences studying at Quran and Etrat Online University.

  • Muhammad Muneel


    žI m Muhammad Muneel,20, from karachi, Pakistan. I have taken this course in 2006 but due to some reason i was not  able to continue. This time Inshallah i will be following the course very closely. First i would like to appreciate the people who started this Shia University. Then I would like to thank the teachers who are doing great job in teaching different shariat subjects. Its great to have people from all over the world in this courses specially those who are converted Shia's.

    • V chung


      I have been a Muslim for 15 years but I neither had the will power and the time to totally focus on my practice. After having two kids, it really makes me to look at life differently. Now that I have more time, InshaAllah, I shall gain more knowledge and understanding on my religion through this opportunity. I truly appreciated all the people who help to establish this amazing institution. It gives me a never-before opportunity to learn about Islam and Shia Beliefs. Thank you so very much.

      • Zahra AbdulAllah

        ...I think there's nothing much to be done as its content are excellent. But maybe we can do survey around the internet globe on how some people manage online studies.And we can improve through things that we got from there. dear teacher,this etrat university had given the best service ever and its really valueble.While other site which serving for religion are in need of paying, but this etrat university has made poor people like me to taste the knowledge of religion rightly.MashaAllah.i thank you all for your works and service.Only God is the best who can give you all reward.pls keep it up.

        • Adil Rizvi


          ...I have studied in Bombay and done my Bachelors in Commerce and Economics. I am working in Dubai at National Bank of Dubai for the past 6 years in Business Support. I got married in the month of April last year in Dubai itself. I have a small family one brother Imran and Sister Aliya both younger to me and they live in Bombay India. Mom is house wife. Dad is working in Saudi Arabia since a long time now. I had visited Iran with a friend for Ziyarat in 2006 Dec the weather was amazing it was snowing and -7 degrees it was a great experience. I just wanted to say that its great to be a part of such a beautiful university and its great to have teachers who want to know their students and remove time. I would like to know seems to be a nice person who always encourages his students to do well. You know its difficult with married life to participate in the University but then its really important to enhance your knowledge...

          • Zahra.I.

            Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah.

            hope you can ask for me good in this life and next and forgiveness of Allah. I can't tell enough that Quran and Etrat Internet University has helped me a lot in knowing Shia Islam better. We are still quite new in making dawah in Finland but we are progressing in that insha Allah. For example, we have started to make a new Shia magazine in Finnish language.

            • Huma Saeed

              Salaam o alaikum
              Thank you so much Quran and Etrat internet university staff......Actually alhamdulillah im almost guided toward my questions by Allah (swt) and also i received so many mails from Teachers, staff and also the students Thank you .....
              today i am proud of being a part of this university i almost am pleased being in it but today i am proud of being a part of this university !!!!
              Please keep helping us '....
              Inshallah we will be in the army/servants of our beloved Imam Mahdi(AS) inshallah....

              • Ali reza Sedghi taromi

                Salaamon Alaikom

                It's just like a MIRACLE not only for me but also for my friends. It's really free? just half an hour working in a week is enough? I want to be a pioneer for my friends in Canada, USA and even Iran. So, I need to know more about your university (Where are you? Iran? Who is the establisher? What's you mission statement?) to invite my friends. Your university and  its facilities will be just from God for them. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible and really appreciate it.

                • Freda Stauffer


                  I read the Introduction about honesty and the things we hope to accomplish in this course. I am so enthused to learn more. I can hardly contain my excitement to be involved in this university! I'm sure I log in at least 12 times a day to see if anything new has been posted in my courses. I don't even care much about blogging anymore, because I want to fill myself up with spiritual knowledge instead of wasting time with frivolous entertainment. I wish this university had been available 10 years ago...it would have made my conversion and the ensuing years so much more productive, as a muslimah living in a non-Muslim environment. However, I intend to make the most of it now, insha Allah.

                  • Renee Alsari

                    My name is Renee, and I am christain married to a shia muslim man! We have 2 sons and
                     I am wanting to learn about islam before I would make a decision to convert to islam. I want to build a relationship between myself and Allah. I want to learn eagerly to better my understanding on islam, and for my sons. I want to raise 2 well muslim men. So I am hoping to learn about the Imams and how/why they are so important. 

                    • Farheen Taqi Akbar Rizvi

                      I’m Farheen Taqi Akbar, an old student of this university, must say I love this university!
                      I'm very eager about this course as I want to learn more and more about my beloved Imam Ali(As)..I very much love and admire his character, morals and values..I'm looking forward to learning a lot here and since I'm expecting my first child I want my child to grasp the same knowledge too! Inshallah!

                      • Huma Hassan

                        Salamun Aleikum,
                        Thank you very much for your concern. I am sorry that I did not write before. But I had been in Pakistan for last one month. Came back yesterday only. I address mourning gatherings of Imam Hussain (AS) in Moharrum and have been very busy with that. I am sorry for not having submitted my Final Exam, will try to do it by tomorrow inshaAllah.
                        In fact the reason why I joined this course, and want to continue with this, and if possible do an advance one too, is because I dare to address such gatherings and do not want to say anything wrong from the Mimbar. This one semester with the University has given me a lot of confidence that at least I am on the Right Path, but still need a great deal of knowledge and ma’arafat. Hopefully with time and under the direction of my teachers will receive that too.

                        • Freda Stauffer

                          I have enjoyed this course so much, masha Allah. I have learned so much, alhamdulillah, and I feel myself getting closer to God, insha Allah, as a result. To me this means that one can never relent in continuing one’s Islamic education, lest we drift farther away instead of closer towards Allah. I am eternally grateful for this university, .....so helpful and patient with my learning of the many little technicalities of internet academia. Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward you well for your work in promoting Islam. It is so helpful for anybody who desires to learn more, but even more so for a person who converted from another religion. May Allah bless Prophet Mohammad and His progeny.

                          • Adil Rizvi


                            Well I want to continue my Islamic studies that's the reason I am waiting for the next semester to join in and enroll with Etrat for the subjects I had chosen last time and couldn't finish it.
                            I love the Islamic History and I find it very interesting, I want to learn more about what happened after Karbala. About how Mukhtar took the revenge and the various incidents.
                            Trust me on this Etrat is still attractive and the best thing on the internet for Shia's who want to learn. But the problem was with me I did not give enough time to it. You know this world is an evil place it takes away your time to do good :)

                            • Nasrin H. Tejani

                              Salaamun Alaikum
                              I pray that you are all well at the team and your fasts are going well too
                              Please remember me in your duas.
                              May The Almighty accept our 'qaleel' esp in this blessed month and multiply it into 'katheer'. ameen
                              I may not be doing the online courses but ETRAT university played a very important part in my learning  and motivated me to join the Hawza when it opened its doors to the women of our community.
                              Jazakal..h..  Keep up the great work of Tableegh that you are doing.
                              Inshal..h will attempt the quiz again. Thank you

                              • Adil Rizvi

                                I will inshallah I am going to finish Beliefs 2 Forum questions today cause I have not yet passed the course and today is the last day as Teacher Maryam will not pass me if I don't answer. I want to continue this subject and History in the next semester.
                                So I will select the subjects at one go, but this time I will select 4 in total cause I cannot do justice if I select many, although all the subjects are interesting.
                                I will try my best to answer the question on Discussion Forum as soon as possible.
                                I would love to continue with this university cause I have learnt and discussed with friends so many subjects and topics. I have come to love this university.  
                                 If I ever come to Iran would it be possible to meet the teachers of this university?
                                With best regards and Prayers, 

                                • Victoria Aldarwish

                                  salam to all this group. I bless us all on this night of latyal qadr and blessings on muhammed
                                   phuh and ahlue bayt.
                                  I am a convert muslim. I converted about 7yrs ago with the guidance of my husband and reading a lot of books. Hamdullah I became shia and I am very proud of it. I have 2 daughters, as I am not a Arabic speaker I wanted to joining this college to learn a lot more about the shia beliefs so I can teach my daughters to the best I can with Allah help.
                                  so I am very excited about learning more about being a muslim but more to me in my heart is the ahlue bayt.

                                  • Malihe khadivari

                                    Salamon Alaikom
                                    My name is Malihe and living in... I am a student of this university since 2005. I am glad to have Ms Hosseini as our teacher once more and I am sure, we would have an active and fruitful semester. My main reason to take this course is to improve and gain knowledge of Ahl-ul-Bayt (Peace Be Upon Them) so it could help me when I am debating with others. InshaAllah

                                    • Rumina Hassan

                                      I am
                                      Rumina from .... I'm 18 and have been with Etrat for the past two years,  I enjoy these courses as they are very enlightening, and I find myself learning something new from every lesson.
                                      I would also be interested in the role of the Imam when he was rightfully the Imam, yet not the Caliph of the time, how he promoted Islam at that time, when times were so difficult.

                                      • Umm Al Quwain; Jinne

                                        Asalam o alaikum!!!
                                         Sir/Madam (im using both cuz i don't know your gender' sorry)Thank you so much ' im so happy atlast i became student of this university thank you so much i don't know how to thank now' but inshallah i will try to work so hard that you will be proud of efforts you did for me to become a student of this university thank you!Inshallah i will start new journey by tomorrow morning inshallah!
                                        Thank you again!!! May your dream all dreams come true Ameen!!! God Bless you!!!

                                        • Zeynab Abdullah

                                          salamualeykum wr wb,
                                          dear etrat support..
                                          i would like to ask permission from etrat university to have the pictures in prophet Muhammad(pbuh&hf) site belongs to etrat to be putted in my gallery which i created for islamunity.com new project: these beautiful artdesign: http://university.etrat.net/17Rabi/Gallery/index.htm to be included in this page of islamunity.com: http://www.islamunity.com/formuhammadslovers/ where all the pictures will be putted in Click here:  "Garden of red Roses“ its still under construction because we are searching for materials..InshaAllah..inshaAllah waiting for the respond..

                                          • Syed Adil

                                            ...I want to continue Quran Etrat course and learn from it as much as I can. I thank the university for everything and my prayers are with them to do better.

                                            • Zeynab Abdullah

                                              In The name of Allah..The Most High,
                                              waaleykumsalam wr wb dear teacher..
                                              thank you so much..forgive me for bothering u with this translation..but i was opening a topic in shia beliefs subject regarding the depict of rasulAllah(sawaws) in a film made by the iranian..
                                              that film has totally made me to feel stress due to how they treated rasulAllah(sawaws) role in there..i consider their treatment as the treatment which has disgrace/disrespect rasulAllah's(sawaws) spirituality and it has possibility to create tension between the sunni and shia..
                                               at the same time waiting for rehbar to reply...me
                                              and wanting to investigate this more..as am wondering which scholars has allowed this type of film to be made...
                                              because this film is different from the other film made by the iranian..the other films by the iranian has been treated with lots of sensitivity..but this one..i dont know..i cannot feel the highness of rasulAllah(sawaws) in here..
                                              may Allah bless u!

                                              • Ramin/ Woodside

                                                Dear Brother/Sister,    
                                                Asalaam Alikum,
                                                over past month I'm trying to attend the Qur'an and Etrat Internet Universities courses. Anytime I try to go on and click the courses they ask me for a Enrollment key.
                                                I live in New York, USA for about 6 years now, before I lived in Mashhad Moqads, Iran. I'm fluent in both English and Farsi. If there is no English courses I love to attend a course in Farsi. If you have any Farsi courses can you please send me a link with a enrollment key.
                                                I really appreciate all your help. May Allah Bless you all with his infinite blessings and mercy.