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The Chapters of Quran Course.

The Chapters of Quran Course.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

..."Had the seas been used as ink to write down the words of my Lord, they would have all been consumed before the words of my Lord could have been recorded, even though replenished with a like quantity of ink. (18:109)

Spend your Ramadan with the Quran, Feed Your Soul, and choose the best option; the Interactive Class with Ramadan,the Chapters of Quran Course.

A Complete Overview of the Book of Allah through translation of the title names of the chapters of Quran along with a few points about the contents of each Chapter.

In this unique course, Sister Mariam Islam gives a thematic overview of each Chapter of the Qur’an. She highlights key guidance covered in each Chapter, and brings out countless jewels of guidance through this.

Instructor: Sister Mariam Islam
Department: Qur'anic Studies 
Starts On: Sunday, 5th June.
Length: 12 weeks.

In order to enroll in the chapters of Quran course click on the bellow link: