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Registration for Summer 2016

Registration for Summer 2016

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In the Name of God
Peace be upon Mohammad and his Progeny


Free and Online - Interactive Lessons - Flexible Hours

Quran and Etrat Online University proudly announces

the upcoming of Summer 2016 Registration

A golden opportunity for those of you who fancy to get acquainted about Islam authentically, rich, real and FREE without affording costs.
We are pleased to announce that the Quran and Etrat Online University (http://university.etrat.net) registration for Summer 2016 courses will start from the 23th of May. Courses shall cover the subjects of, but may not be limited to: Story of Prophets, Quran subjects, Nahjul balaghah and Islamic Fiqh, insha'Allah.

The registration will be open for one week and provide the opportunity for students to comfortably choose and enroll in the desired available courses and address any concerns before the commencement of classes.
Please spread the word about Quran and Etrat Online University among all interested brothers and sisters in your communities, your mailing lists and your web sites.

Start the registration process.

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