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Imam Ali A.S.’s Golden Words

14 Centuries ago, Imam Ali a.s. gave advice to his sons in the form of a WILL

Letter No 31 from Nahjul Balagha – Peak of Eloquence 


[Part - 18] 

After returning from the Battle of Siffin, Imam Ali (as) gave advice to his sons.  He wrote it in the form of a WILL.  

Following words are the extract from this WILL.  The WILL which deals with almost every aspect of life, 

including Success, Bravery, Humanness, Generosity, Virtuousness & Piety 

Imam’s golden advice about How to Develop Spirituality in Life


Be it known to you my sonthat you cannot have every wish of yours granted, you cannot expect to escape death, and you are passing through your days of life as others before you have passed.  Therefore, control your expectations, desires and cravings.  Be moderate in your demands.  Earn your livelihood through scrupulously honest means. 

Be contented with what you get honestly and honourably.  Have patience and do not let your desires drive you madly because there are many desires which will lead you towards disappointments and loss.  

Remember that every beggar or everyone who prays for a thing will not always get what he begs or prays for and everyone who controls his desire, has self-respect and does not beg or pray for things, will not always remain unlucky or disappointed. 

So my sondo not bring down your self-respect, do not be mean and submissive and do not subjugate yourself through these vile and base traits though they may appear to make it possible for you to secure your hearts desires, because nothing in this world can compensate for the loss of self-respect, nobility and honour.

Take care, my son!  Be warned that you do not make yourself a slave of anybody.  Allah has created you a freeman.  Do not sell away your freedom in return of anything.  There is no actual gain and real value in benefits that you derive by selling your honour and self-respect or by subjugating yourself to disgrace and insults as there is no real good in wealth and power that you acquire by foul means. 

Beware, my son, that avarice and greed may not drive you towards destruction and damnation.  If you can succeed in having nobody as your benefactor but Allah, then try your best to achieve this nobility because He will grant you your share whether you try to taunt your donors, patrons and benefactors or not.

Remember that the little which is given to you by Allah is going to be more useful and serviceable to you and is more honourable and respectable than what is granted by man in abundance.  And what can a man give you but part of that which Allah has granted him?

The losses that you suffer on account of your silence can be easily compensated but the losses which arise out of excessive and loose talk are difficult to requite.  Do you not see that the best way of guarding water in a water-bay is to close its mouth!

[To be continued…..]








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