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A True Shia

A True Shia

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Quran and Etrat Online University congratulates all Muslims, especially you dear friend, upon 17th of Rabee al-Awal, Birth anniversary of the treasurer of knowledge, the leader of the Ja’fari sect, the sixth Imam of the Shiites, Imam Ja’far ibn Muhammad al-Sadigh (BPUH)

The history of the life of Ahlul Bayt (PBUT) is illustrative of the fact that they dedicated themselves to clarifying lines of thought and providing the moral education of Muslims, all so to train true and honest followers by the command of Allah (SWT). They did all they could in the area of teaching jurisprudence and theology. They identified true faith to be in the following of all divine laws.
In the school of Ahlul Bayt (PBUT), only those who are obedient to the commands of Allah (SWT) and refrain from the desire (to sin) and educate themselves to the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt can call themselves a true follower/Shia. For the Imams (PBUT), one is only considered saved for being devoted to the Ahlul Bayt if his/her love is accompanied by good deeds, and when they adorn their acts with proper manners and faithfulness. In other words, the mere love and affection towards the Ahlul Bayt (PBUT) is not enough for salvation. They cannot give themselves to sinful temptations and demand to be saved through the love of the Ahlul Bayt, and expect Allah (SWT) to forgive them based solely on that aspect.
From among the infallible Imams (PBUT), social circumstances during the time of Imam Sadigh (PBUH) provided an easier ground to spread religious teachings. Imam Sadigh (PBUH) put great effort in the teaching and training of true Shiites. Below are a few excerpts from the sayings of Imam Sadigh (PBUH) in this regard,
“…Verily, my (true) companion is he/she who has great piety, who acts for his/her maker, and hopes for blessings.”1
“Have divine piety; perform bowing and prostration in the best way (possible); be the most obedient servant of Allah (SWT); indeed you will not attain our Wilayat, except through the prevention of sin; you will not reach that which is with Allah (SWT), except through action…”2
“We do not consider anyone a (true) Shia unless he/she obeys our commands, and desires to be our follower; he should know that one of the aspects in obeying our commands is fear of Allah (SWT) and piety. So decorate yourselves to (piety), so Allah will include you in His mercy.”3
“A follower of Ja’far is one who protects his/her desire from sin and that which is prohibited, works hard in the path of religion and acts for Allah; (him) who hopes for His reward, and fears His punishment. Whenever you see such people, they are the Shiites/followers of Ja’far.”4
In other words, the only people that can claim to be true followers of the Ahlul Bayt, true Shiites, are those whose actions in all areas resemble those of the great ones. The characteristic of true Shiites is in the amount of piety and obedience they carry in following divine laws.
(Selection taken from the book, A Look into the Teachings of the Imamiyah by Alireza Masjed Jame’ee (with minor changes))

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Source: Roshd Islamic Website