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Zabihah (ذبيحة)

See Dhabeeha.

Zaboor (زبور)

The Zaboor is the Arabic word for the original Psalms scripture revealed to Prophet David (Dawood) (PBUH).

Zahraa (زهراء)

Luminous. Often the word zahraa is attributed to the daughter of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH&HP), Fatima (PBUH). It is a popular girl's name.

Zain (زين)

Zain means good or best. It is also a boys' name.

Zainab (زينب)

Zainab is an old Arab name. It is a very popular girl's name.

Zakah (زكاة)

See Zakat.

Zaki (زكي)

(1) Derived from the word zakat, it is a descriptive word meaning pure or purified.
(2) A descriptive word meaning 'sweet/pure/clean smelling'.

Zam Zam (زمزم)

Zam Zam is a the name of a sacred water well in Makkah. People who do Hajj drink from the water of this blessed well.

Zameel (زميل)

Companion or friend.

Zameer (ضمير)

See Dhameer.

Zamzam (زمزم)

See Zam Zam.

Zani (زاني)

One who has commited Zina - The act of commiting adultary (if married), or fornication (unmarried).

Zaqqum (زقوم)

Zaqqum is a type of tree that grows in hell. It's fruit (A-dhari) resembles the heads of devils and its taste is very bitter. The sinners of hell will be in constant hunger and feel compelled to eat from the fruit which tastes horrible and will boil their bellies like boiling water.

The Holy Quran, Surah 44 (The Smoke)

[44.43] Surely the tree of the Zaqqum,
[44.44] Is the food of the sinful
[44.45] Like dregs of oil; it shall boil in (their) bellies,
[44.46] Like the boiling of hot water.

Zawaj (زواج)

Zawaj means marriage. It is another word for Nikkah.

Zawj (زوج)

(1) Husband.
(2) Pair.

Zawjah (زوجه)


Zawjat (زوجات)

Wives (plural).

Zeeneh (زينه)

See Zeinah.

Zeinah (زينه)

A beautiful ornament or decoration, but the word usually refers to jewellry or the beauty of a woman. It is a common name for a girl.

Also spelt Xena, Zena.

Zeman (زمان)


Zero (صفر)

The number Zero (0) is called Sifr in Arabic.

Zikir (ذكر)

See Thikr.

Zikr (ذكر)

See Thikr.

Zina (زنا)

The act of commiting adultary (if married), or fornication (unmarried).

Zoha (ضحى)

See Dhuha.

Zuhr (ظهر)

see Dhuhur.

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