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Wa (و)

(1) "And", eg. wa lillah mulk al samawat (And with Allah is the ownership of the heavens)
(2) "By", eg. wa-llah ([I swear] by Allah)

Wa Alaikum Assalam (و عليكم السلام)

When a Muslim is greeted with the word 'salam' or its variants, they should reply Wa Alaikum as-Salam - And upon you be peace.

Waddi (وادي)

A deep ditch formed by erosion.

Wadood (ودود)

Wadood means loving. One of God's names is 'Al-Wadood' - The Loving (God).

Wafat (وفات)

The death or passing-away of someone. For example people will use this word like: 'Today is the wafat of Prophet Muhammed (SAW)'.

The common word for death is mawt.

Wahid (واحد)

(1) The numerical value of one (1).
(2) A person.

Wajib (واجب)

Obligatory, necessary, mandatory.

Walad (ولد)


Wali (ولي)

Leader, friend, protector, guardian, supporter, helper, etc. It is a general word that changes meaning depending on the sentance or situation.

Walimah (وليمه)

A marriage banquet at the wedding reception.

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