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Waliyullah (ولي الله)

Waliyullah is composed of two words: wali and Allah. Together they mean 'Leader from Allah' or 'Leader chosen by Allah'.

Wallah (والله)

Wallah or Wallahi means '(I swear) by Allah'. It is used to affirm the conviction of being truthful.

War (حرب)

The Arabic word for war is 'harb'.

Wardah (ورده)

Flower. This word has been used as a girl's name.

Washing (غسل)

The Arabic word for washing is 'ghusl'.

Wasiyah (وصيه)

A written will or testament.

Watan (وطن)

Nation or country.

If i is added to the end of the word it becomes watani which means My Country.

Water (ماء)

The Arabic word for water is Ma'.

Wayyak (وياك)

The word wayyak can be used to warn people in a precautionary manner. It can mean 'be careful of' or it can be used in a more aggressive tone to mean '(may) Woe be unto you (if)...'.

Wedding (عرس)

The Arabic word for wedding is '`iris'.

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