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Uhud (أحد)

The name of a mountain outside of Madinah. It was the setting of the second war between the Muslims and the pagan tribe of Quraish in 3 A.H. The Muslims lost this war.

Ukhtee (أختي)

See Ukhti.

Ukhti (أختي)

Means 'my sister'. The 'i' on the end changes the attributes of the word ukhut (sister) to be yours.

Ukhut (أخت)

Means sister. Often the word is appended with an 'i' to be ukhti which means 'my sister'.

Ulama (علماء)

Many Alims (Muslim scholars).

Ulema (علماء)

Ulema is the plural of Alim.

Ulil Azim (أولو العزم)

The phrase "Ulil Azim" roughly translates to The Foremost in Resoluteness, and it is used to describe the five greatest Messengers, Prophets of God: Noah - Abraham - Moses - Jesus - Muhammed (PBUT).

Um (أم)

See Umm.

Umar (عمر)

In Islamic history, Umar bin Al Khatab is one of the best known companions of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Umar became the second Khalif (leader) after the death of the Prophet. Many other famous people in history have been known by the name Umar. Umar is a very popular boy's name, sometimes written Omar.

Umi (أمي)

See Ummi.

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