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To bestow

To bounty (to present as a gift, to give a reward or payment as an inducement).

To pay tax alms

Alms giving [The word zakat is derived from an Arabic word ‘Zaka’ meaning “purification." It is one of the pillars of Islam. Zakat is an obligatory tax levied by Allah on the wealthy members of the Muslim community so as to take surplus wealth from them and give it to the destitute. Quran emphasizes the fulfillment of the divine formula of Zakat:“Keep up the prayer and pay the poor rate.” (Baqara 2:110)  Zakat is the backbone of the economic system of Islam. It is for the welfare of the unprivileged. Zakat is the blessing of God for the giver as well as for the receiver, as it improves the economy of the nation. Zakat establishes a society on a humanitarian ground.]

Tongue (لسان)

The Arabic word for tongue is 'Lisan'.span id=

Toonis (تونس)

Toonis (or Tunis) is the Arabic name for the country of Tunisia.

Torture, Torment

Divine chastisement, torment, suffering [When a person violate the law of God, that God brings punishment which is called torture. He who created life and death, that He may test which of you is best in deed. He is the mighty, the forgiving." (Quran 67:2)  "No one can die except by God's permission, the terms being fixed as by writing." (Quran 3:145) Life is sacred. "Do not take the life which God has made sacred except in (the course of) justice." (Quran 6:151)]


Calamities (subject to great pain or anxiety, force out of its natural position or shape).

Transgressor, reprobate, impious

A reprobate, a sinner, evil doer, sinner (sinner, a person who breaks Islamic law).


The study of the biography of the Transferor of traditions.


Test, temptation (an examination in Allah's court to decide on the levels of believes of persons.)


true (full of trust or confidence)

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