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The discussion of the abrogate and the abrogated

The discussion of abrogating and abrogated or cancelled (something has been cancelled, There have been commands in Quran and Sunnah as temporally but they have been abrogated due to coming another commands.)

The discussion of the abstract and the clear explained

the discussion of manifest , clear, plain and brief, summary, compendium (discussion of something that express ideas briefly but there are some discussions that explain them clearly)

The discussion of unconditional and conditional

the discussion of independent and dependent (this discussion explains conditions that burdened person should make them)

The laws and issues of actions

The regulations or ordinances of deeds (religious rite, rules made by religious authority)

The missed prayer

the lapsed prayer (The prayer has been failed by forgetfulness, weakness or passing its time.)

The prayer of special signs (e.g. earthquakes)

The prayer that is prayed when special divine signs happen.

The prayer of the circumambulation of the Ka'bah

The religious circumambulation prayer

The prayer offered at the right time

The timely accomplishment prayer (The prayer that has been done on time.)

The Principle of Option

the principles of authority, choice (It is a principle which is used when a person is free for choosing one of two things. )

The Principle of Precaution

the principles of Reservation (When there is doubt about doing something and there is not clear law- usually it is between the laws that include the minor and do our duty completely. major numbers of deeds such as reading of TASBIHAT- ARBAE,so we should.)

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