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Saad (ص)

Saad is a letter of the Arabic alphabet. In words it sounds much like the English letter 's' but with more of a whistle sound. One of the Surahs (chapters) of the Quran is called Saad.

Saadah (سعاده)

Sa'adah means happiness.

Sabah (صباح)

Sabah means morning. It is also used as a boy's name.

Sabah Al Khair (صباح الخير)

Good Morning.

Sabir (صابر)

(1) A person who is waiting for something to happen is said to be sabir.
(2) Or a person described as being patient at the current moment is said to be sabir.

The person would only be described as saboor if he/she was patient most of the time, or it was a trait of their character.

Saboor (صبور)

The word saboor is used to describe someone who is often patient, or patient by nature

Sabr (صبر)


Sadaqa (صدقه)

Charity for the sake of Allah - not the obligatory charity.

Sadaqah (صدقه)

Charity. Often, sadaqah is given out of personal reasons to whomever the giver deems suitable, e.g. a local charity shop. Giving sadaqah is given irrespective of the compulsory taxes and doesn't count as zakat - zakat must be payed irrelevent of the amount spent in sadaqah.

Sadaqah Jariyah (صدقة جارية)

Sadaqah Jariyah means Continuous Alms/Charity. A continuous charity is an action that someone does that remains active even after the person is dead. For example, if a person digs a well then lots of people can use it and for a very long time - even after the person dies. It is a very effective type of charity that serves better than just giving money as the person who initiated the action will get thawab (plus points) even after he dies.

A popular slogan that explains the concept has been used by different charities in their advert. It goes something like this: "Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, but give the man a boat and a net to catch fish with then he can feed himself and his family for a life-time."

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