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Rab (رب)

Lord or God. There are various spellings in English of this word but they all sound the same.

Rabb (رب)

Lord or Deity.

Rabbi (ربي)

Rabbi, pronounced 'rabbee', means 'My Lord'.

Rabi (ربي)

See Rabbi.

Radhiallahu Anhum (رضي الله عنهم

Radhiallah Anhum (plural) or Rathiallah Anh (singular) means 'May Allah be pleased with them (or him)'. It is often represented by the acronym (RA). It is added after the names of the sahabah (companions) and wives of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH&HP) as a sign of respect.

Rahbar (رهبر)

Rahbar is a Farsi (Iranian/Persian) word meaning Leader.

Raheem (رحيم)

Al Raheem is a name of God. It means Allah is merciful to the believers.

Rahma (رحمة)

Rahma means mercy. One of the names of God is Al-Rahman - the Most Merciful.

Rahman (رحمان)

Al Rahman is one of the names of God. It means merciful & beneficent to all His creations.

Rajeem (رجيم)

The word rajeem means accursed. Satan, the devil, is often called 'Al-Shaitan al-rajeem' as he is the accursed one.

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