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Naam (نعم)


Naar (نار)

It means fire but is usually used in referance to the fires of hell (Jahanam).

Naas (ناس)

Naas is the plural of the word insan. Naas means 'people'.

Nabi (نبي)


Nafillah (نافلة)

Nafillah is the name given to a set of defined mustahab (recommended) prayers that precede the 5 wajib (obligatory) daily prayers. There is also a nafillah prayer that precedes the recommended tahujjud prayer, so effectively it is a mustahab prayer that becomes part of another mustahab prayer.

Nafs (نفس)

Soul or self.

Nahj (نهج)

Peak. Nahj usually comes in a sentance as part of the title of a famous book called Nahj al Balaghah - The Peak of Eloquence. This book contains beautifully worded sermons narrated by Imam Ali (AS).

Najah (نجاح)

Najah means success, and it has been used as a boy's name.

Najasah (نجاسه)

An impurity - something that will cause a person to become ritually impure and require some type of ritual wash to make the individual 'clean' again. For example, urine is a source of najasah. Urine is najis.

Najis (نجس)

Ritually impure/unclean. eg. Blood and urine are najis.

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