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Maa (ماء)


Maasalama (مع السلامه)

Maasalama, also spelt ma'asalama or ma3asalama, means '(farewell) with peace'. Many Arabic speakers say this phrase like an English speaker would say Goodbye.

Mabrook (مبروك)

This word means '(You are) blessed'. It is a commonly-used word said to someone who has received something good. It is a means of congratulation.

Madad (مدد)

Madad is an Urdu word meaning 'help' (us).

Madhhab (مذهب)

Creed or sect.

Madhi (ماضي)

Madhi (pron. Maadhee) means 'past'.

Madhloom (مظلوم)

Oppressed. Someone is madhloom if they have been opressed by a dhalim (oppressor).

Madina (المدينة المنورة‎)

Madina means 'city' or 'town', but in Islam the word Madina is actually the name of a city that the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh&hp) migrated to from Mecca. It was previously called Yathrib but was changed to 'Madina al-Munawarah' (The light-filled city) in honor of the Prophet's arrival. It was thus called Madina from thereon as the short form of the name. Madina lies north of Mecca.

The Arabic true form shown says 'al-madina al-Munawara'.

Madina Al Munawara (المدينة المنورة)

See Madina.

Madinah (مدينه)

(1) Madinah means city or town in Arabic.
(2) A city that is approximately 250 miles away from the city of Makkah where the Prophet (SAW) arrived at following the Hijrah (migration) from Makkah to Madina. The Prophet set up the first Islamic state there.

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