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Mother (أم)

The Arabic word for mother is 'umm'. See Umm for more information.

To say 'Your mother' to a man, you say 'ummek'.
To say 'Your mother' to a woman, you say 'ummik'.

Mualim (معلم)


Muawiyah (معاويه)

Muawiyah was one of the companions (sahabah) of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). He managed to become the fifth Khalif (leader) after rebeling against the leadership of Imam Ali (AS) and taking the throne as leader of the Muslim Ummah (nation). Muawiyah had a son called Yazid who Muawiyah made the Khalif after him.

Mubah (مباح)

Mubah is one of the classifications of an action according to Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh). It means 'permitted based on individuals whim'. This category is left undecided and without a ruling by scholar so it is left for the person to decide for themselves if they do things such as eating apples or oranges. Doing or not doing the Mubah does not count as a good or bad deed.

Mubarak (مبارك)


Muedhin (مؤذن)

A muedhin is a person who does the call to prayer, the Athan. This call to prayer is said loudly so that others become aware that the congretional prayers are about to begin.

Muezzin (مؤذن)

See Muedhin.

Mufti (مفتي)

A mufti is a person who presents the laws and fiqh of the scholars to people who ask for them. They should not give their own opinion but they should present the arguments and laws of the maraje' (grand Muftis or Ayatollahs). Most muftis are found in Saudi Arabia and Iran. The word mufti is derived from the word fatwa and it means 'one who gives fatwas'.

A mufti cannot allow people to follow his own opinions, but the mufti can follow his own opinions. A grand Mufti is a higher ranking Mufti that is followed by a large group of people. This is a lot like an Ayatollah found in Shia Islam. Some countries have their own Mufti to decree the opinion of the state.

Muhajjibah (محجبه)

A woman who is veiled - wears a hijab.

Muhammed (محمد)

The name of the final Prophet of Islam. He is deeply revered and is always given a blessing after mention of his name - peace be upon him - which is given acronyms like (SAW) or (PBUH). Many Muslims use the name for their male children.

We have to know and understand who this man (Muhammed) is, for it is through him the final revelation descended from the Lord and it is through him we will know more than just what Islam is or what religion is. It is through him we will discover who Allah (God) is and thus who we are, our purpose or goal in this life and how to achieve enlightenment.

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