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Mashallah (ماشاءالله)

Literally means 'Whatever Allah (God) wills'. It is often used in occasions where there is surprise in someones' good deeds or achievements. For example people say Mashallah when someone does very well in their exams.

Masjid (مسجد)

A building designated for prayer. Called "Mosque" in English.

Masoom (معصوم)

The word ma'soom is often equated with the English word Infallible which means incapable of error. However, people who are described as ma'soom do not make errors or commit sins, but they have the ability to make errors and commit sins.

Many Muslims say the Prophets (PBUT) are masoom but the Shia also say the members of Ahlulbayt are masoom in addition to the Prophets. It is part of their 'aqueedah.

Masoomeen (معصومين)

Ma'soomeen is a plural word meaning infallibles - persons free from sin. The singular word is ma'soom.


Masr is another pronunciation of the word Misr, which is the Arabic name for the country of Egypt.

Mathhab (مذهب)

A school of thought, direction, manner, mode.

Mathhabs arrise due to different interpretations of the Quran, Sunnah and for political reasons. The word mathhab and sect can be thought of in the same way usually, but there is a difference because there can be different mathhabs within the same sect. Examples of Mathhabs include Shia, Sunni, wahabi, salafi, deobandi etc. A muslim should not follow a mathhab when it contradicts clear proof in the Quran and Sunnah.


Matthew is an English name meaning 'Gift of God'.

Maula (مولى)

Lord, Master, Helper, Protector, Supporter, Patron. Not usually used in referance to God.

Mawared (موارد)

The plural of mawrid, and it means 'sources'.

Mawla (مولى)

Master, lord, leader etc.
See Wali.

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