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Marium (مريم)

See Maryam.

Marje (مرجع)

A Marje' is a grand scholar of Islam who is allowed to give rulings. Muslims follow (do taqleed of) the rulings of this highly-educated person because they are doctors of religion and most people lack the education to know all the rulings of Islam.

A Marje' can also be known as a Grand Mufti or Grand Ayatollah.

Marriage (نكاح)

The Arabic word for marriage is Nikah.

Martyr (شهيد)

The Arabic word for Martyr is Shaheed.
Shaheed is whoes death or great suffering is in support of a belief ( Islam ).


Undergoing death or great suffering in support of a belief ( Islam .

Mary (مريم)

The Arabic form of this popular girls' name is 'maryam'.

"Mary", written the same way it sounds in English is ماري

Maryam (مريم)

Maryam is the Arabic word for the name Mary. Maryam (AS) was the mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus) (PBUH). Maryam is regarded as being one of the four greatest created women. Maryam is a very popular girl's name.

Masah (مسح)

Wipe or wiping.

Masail (مسائل)

Masa,il is a plural word meaning 'questions'. The singular is su'al.

Masajid (مساجد)

Masajid is a plural word meaning Mosques (Muslim places of worship). A single mosque is known as a Masjid.

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