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Mushrikoon (مشركون)

Polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah, those who worship others along with Allah, and also those who set up rivals with (or partners to) Allah.

Mushrikoon is the same as Mushrikeen.

Music (مسيقة)

The Arabic word for music is 'Museeqah'.span id=

Muslim (مسلم)

(1) A follower of the religion of Islam.
(2) A person who submits their will to God and believes in Him.

Muslimah (مسلمه)

A female follower of the religion of Islam.

Often the 'h' on the end of the word is not pronounced and it is therefore written as muslima as well.

Musrhikeen (مشركون)

Mustahab (مستحب)

A recommended form of worship or action. Doing a mustahab activity will be rewarded by Allah but not doing a Mustahab activity will not be considered sinful. E.g. Reading Quran daily.
Most mustahab acts have greater benefit/reward (thawab) than mandatory (wajib) activities.

Mustapha (مصطفى)

Mustapha, sometimes spelt 'Mustafa', is a popular boy's name. It is one of Prophet Muhammed's (SAW) names. It means 'guided' as Muhammed is the guided one.

Mustaqbil (مستقبل)

The future.

Mutaqi (متقي)

A pious and righteous person who fears Allah much (abstains from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which Allah has forbidden) and loves Allah much (performs all kinds of good deeds which Allah and his Messenger (SAW) have ordained).

Mutawattir (متوتر)

Literally means "succession, consecutive." Islamically refers to hadith which is narrated by such a large number of people that it is impossible (Allahu Alim (God is all-knowing)) that they have invented a lie.Its conditions include:

(1) That it be narrated by a large number of people. Scholars differ about the actual number required
(2) That this number is found in every level of the isnaad
(3) That it is impossible that they could have gathered together upon a lie.

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