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Munafiqeen (منافقين)

Plural of hypocrite - Many hypocrites.

Munawarah (منوره)

Munawarrah means light-filled. Al Madina al Munawarah in Saudi Arabia is the Light-filled city that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH&HP) emigrated to and it was called the light-filled city in honor of the Prophet coming to it. It was previously known as Yathrib.

Munkar (منكر)

(1) Doing munkar is doing an action associated with wrong-doing, evil-doing, sins, polytheism, disbelief, etc.
(2) Munkar is the name of one of two Angels (Munkar & Nakir) who question people in their graves. This is done while a person is in the state of barzakh.

Muqawama (مقاومه)

Muqawama means active resistance against aggression.

Muraqabah (مراقبة)

Muraqabah comes from the word raqib, which means to follow, watch, keep tags-on.

Murtad (مرتد)

A murtad is a person who leaves the religion (apostacy) and conspires against it.

Murtadha (مرتضى)

Murtadha, sometimes spelt 'Murtaza', is a popular boy's name. It means agreeable.

Musa (موسى)

Prophet Moses' name in Arabic.

Moses was sent to call Pharaoh (the ruler of Egypt) and his people to believe in the Oneness of Allah. He was strengthened by a number of miracles. Allah instructed Moses to throw down his staff which miraculously turned into a huge snake and swallowed all the snakes which the magicians of Pharaoh had made appear. Moses was also instructed to put his hand in his pocket, and it came forth radiantly white, without stain. The Pharaoh promised severe punishments to the followers of Moses. Moses was commanded to leave Egypt with his people (the Jews) by night. Moses's followers were to cross the Red Sea towards Sinai in a huge procession. They were reassured not to fear the Pharaoh, nor the sea, nor the vast unknown desert of Sinai into which they were venturing. They crossed the Red Sea - after Moses struck the sea with his miraculous staff and it split into dry passage - while the Pharaoh, who had pursued them with his troops, was overwhelmed by the sea and perished.

Mushaf (مصحف)

(1) Any Book, even ones that are not religious.
(2) A copy of the Quran. This is the most common meaning.

Mushrik (مشرك)

Polytheist, pagan, idolater, disbeliever in the Oneness of Allah, a person who worships others along with Allah, and also those who set up rivals with (or partners to) Allah.

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