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Khamr (خمر)

Drink containing Alcohol. Usually refering to beer. Alcoholic drinks are forbidden in Islam.


land revenue, land tax, paying allegiance, tribute (a country's annual income from lands taxes)

Khawf (خوف)

Fear or fright.

Khayr (خير)

See Khair.

Khenzeer (خنزبر)

A Pig.

Khilafah (خلافه)

The Caliphate system - The leadership system of the Muslim nation (ummah). See Khalif.

Khimar (خمار)

A type of cloak.

Khuda Hafiz (خدا حافظ)

This is an Urdu/Farsi language phrase which means goodbye. It literally means 'God Protect'.

The 'z' on the end of the word should actually be 'dh' instead because that is how it is written, but people have difficulty pronouncing this properly so they take a shortcut and convert 'dh' to 'z'. This phenomenon is seen throughout the language.

Khulafa (خلفاء)

The word 'khulafa' is the plural of the word khalif.

Khurooj (خروج)

An exit, leaving or emergence.

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