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Kaif (كيف)

'How', or 'How is...' or 'How did...'.

Kalam (كلام)

Kalam means speech (spoken words).

Kalimah (كلمة)

(1) The Kalimah, also known as The Shahadah, is the name of a phraze a person must say in order to become a Muslim.

(2) Kalimah means 'word'.

Karbala (كربلاء)

Kerbala is a word made formed of two words, 'ker' means anguish and 'bala' means vexation. Karbala is a city in Iraq. It is where Imam Hussain (AS) (and his family and companions), grandson of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was slaughtered by the army of the Khalif (leader) of the time, Yazeed bin Muawiyah.

Kareem (كريم)

The word Kareem means 'generous'. It is a popular boy's name.

Karim (كريم)

See Kareem.

Kathaab (كذاب)

A liar.

Katheer (كثير)

Many/a lot.

Kayf Halek (كيف حالك)

When an Arabic speaking person greets you and asks kayfa halek? He is saying 'how is your health?' or 'how are you?'.

Kefer (كفر)

See Kufr.

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