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Job (أيوب)

(1) The word job, as in 'My job is ...', is 'shughul' in Arabic.
(2) Prophet Job is known as Prophet Ayyoob (PBUH) in Arabic.

The Arabic shown above is the name of the Prophet.

Jonah (يونس)

Prophet Jonah (PBUH) is known as Yunus or Dhun-Nun in Arabic.
The Arabic word shown is for Yunus.

Jordan (‏الأردن)

Official Name: Hashemite kingdom of Jordan.
In Arabic this country is called 'Urdun'.

Capital: Amman.

Joseph (يوسف)

Joseph is the name of a Prophet, known as Yusuf in Arabic.


Prudent(ly) (judging wisely, showing good sens)

Jumaa (جمعه)

Jum'a means Friday. This is the Muslim holy day much like the Jews have Saturday, and the Christians Sunday, as their holy days. Muslims go to the Mosque (Masjid) to pray the Jum'a prayer (a special friday prayer) in congretion.

Jummah (جمعه)

See Jum'a.


Divine law, canonical law (the science of jurisprudence or interpreting the Shari'a)


Good or sufficient reasons ( persons, statements or acts etc. show something are right or Just.)

Juzuu (جزء)

The Quran is split into 30 parts with each part known as a juzu`. Juzu` just means 'part'.

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