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Islamic upbringing

Islamic Education (Islamic training in order to respect religious desires.)

Ism (إسم)

The word 'ism' means 'name'. To say 'my name is Tom' in Arabic you say 'ismi Tom'.

Isma (عصمة)

Infallibility - being innocent of any sins.

Ismaeel (إسماعيل)

Ishmael (in English) was the first son of Prophet Ibraham (AS) by his second wife, Hajir (RA) (Hagar in English).

Ismail (إسماعيل)

See Ismaeel.

Isnad (إسناد)

Has two meanings related to Hadith:

(1) Ascribing a hadeeth back to the one who said it - connecting the chain of narration;
(2) The chain of narrators which reaches back to the text - which is the same as "as-sanad".

Israeel (إسرائيل)

1) The Prophet Yaqoob (Jacob in English) was also called Israel which means "Servant of Allah".
2) The name of the country formed after world war two that is on occupied Palestinian land.
In the Quran the quote 'the Children of Israel' is read often but few people know that it means 'Descendants of Prophet Yaqoob'.

It is also rarely used as a name because Allah often mentions the descendants of Israel as sinners in the Quran, and the current political climate in the middle east makes it innapropriate since someone called Israel would be presumed to be a supporter of the illegal state.

Istighfar (استغفار)

to seek Allah's forgiveness. It is something that must be done continuously in a Muslims life.

Istiqbal (استقبال)

(1) The act of welcoming someone.
(2) The act of approaching someone.

Istishhad (استشهاد)

The act of Martyrdom.

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