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Inna (إنا)

'We are' or 'we have'.

Insan (إنسان)

A Person or Human.

Inshallah (إن شاء الله)

It could mean any one of the following variations: If Allah (God) wills; When Allah (God) wills; If Allah (God) wishes;


Intelligence, expert knowledge (the ability to perceive and understand the true nature of something.)


Mediation, intercession (Islamic moral principle or set of principles)

Interest (ربا)

The Arabic word for Interest is Ribba.

Intihar (إنتحار)


Suicide is absolutely forbidden in Islam.


Closer relative (someone with whom there can never be marriage because of consanguinity or affinity. For example, a father is a Mahram relative for a woman.)

Iqra (اقرء)

Saying 'Iqra`' to someone is to order them to read. When Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was meditating in the cave of hiraa he was ordered to read by angel Jibraeel (Gabriel). Iqra` was the first word of the Quran that came upon the Prophet (SAW).

The angel repeated the order: iqra! Read! as Muhammed explained he was unable to read, then Jibraeel said:
[96.1] Read in the name of your Lord Who created.
[96.2] He created man from a clot.
[96.3] Read and your Lord is Most Honorable,
[96.4] Who taught (man to write) with the pen
[96.5] Taught man what he knew not.
These are the first verses of the Quran that came down to the Prophet. Surprising isn't it!

Irhab (إرهاب)


A terrorist is known as an Irhabi.

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