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Imam Jama'at

Leader of a congregational prayer

Iman (ايمان)

Faith. Iman (pronounced Eeman) is a popular girl's name.

Iman is pronounced eeman but with the ee said said softer and the a slightly extended.

Impure, dirty

Not pure, ritually unclean (unclean substance or element, ritually not pure)

Imraeh (إمرأه)


Ina Lillahi Wa Ina Ilayhi Raajioon (إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون)

"To Allah we belong and unto Him is our return". Is said immediately upon hearing of the death of a Muslim.


Fornication (obscene act)

Individual prayer

Singly prayer (doing official prayer ritual alone)

Infidel ( Person with no belief in a religion)

Non-believer, pagan [disbelieves in the message of the Prophets. Since the advent of Muhammad (pbuh&hp), anyone who rejects his Message is a kafir.]There are a few things that make someone an infidel so you may find these Arabic words of interest: Kafir, Kufr, Mushrik, Shirk.

Injeel (انجيل)

The Injeel is the holy book, or Gospel, that Allah gave to Prophet Jesus (PBUH). In todays world this book does not exist, but there are parts and influences from it found in the New Testament and other Gospels that did not make it into the Canon of the New Testament but these parts are not easy to point out. The Injeel IS NOT the New Testament because the NT was written after Jesus and by 4 main writters (amongst many) - Peter, Mark, Luke & John. There is no 'Gospel of Jesus'.

Injil (انجيل)

See Injeel.

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