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Habeeb (حبيب)

The word habib on its own means 'beloved', but with the i on the end of the word you attribute the word to yourself so habibi means 'my beloved'. Also see Habibi.

Habeel (هابيل)

Habeel, also spelt habil, is the name of the second son of Prophet Adam (PBUH). He was murdered by his brother Qabeel out of jelousy.

Habibi (حبيبي)

Habibi means 'My love' or 'My beloved'. Habibi is the form of the word used to refer to men. The feminine form is 'habibti'.

Habibtak (حبيبتك)

Habibtek means 'your love'.

Habibti (حبيبتي)

When a person wishes to say 'my dear' or 'my beloved' to a woman, he says 'habibti'. If it was said to a man, the word would be 'habibi'.

Hadith (حديث)

It means "something new" or a "talk". In Islam, Hadith refers to that which is attributed to the Prophet (SAW) as regards words, actions or approvals, physical features and characteristics.

Hafidh (حافظ)

(1) A person is labelled a 'hafidh' if he or she has memorized the whole Quran.
(2) Protect
(3) Keep (safe)
(4) Memorize

Hafsah (حفصة)

Hafsah is the name of one of the wives of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH&HP). She is the daughter of Umar bin al-Khattab.span id=

Hai (حي)

Alive or living.

Haider (حيدر)

Haider is a popular boy's name. It means lion, and Haider was the original name Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) was given by his mother.

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