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Face (وجه)

The Arabic word for face is 'wejh'.

Faith (ايمان)

The Arabic word for faith is 'iman' (pronounced eeman).

Fajr (فجر)

Dawn; Salat Fajr is the obligatory (fardh) salah (prayer) before sunrise.

Falsafah (فلسفه)

Falsafah is Arabic for Philosophy.


Sin, vice (an untrue statement, a lie)

Far (بعيد)

The Arabic word for far is 'ba`eed'.

Farah (فرح)

Farah means happiness and it is a popular girl's name.

Fard (فرد)

1) Alone.
(2) An individual by her/himself.

By any chance are you searching for the word Fardh?

Fardh (فرض)

Obligatory; This word is synonymous with wajib.

Farha (فرحه)

Farha is a word thats meaning encapsulates 'fun and happiness'. It is similar to the word farah which means happiness. Both of these are popular girl's names.

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