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Calendar (تقويم)

The Arabic word for calendar is 'taqweem'. See Islamic Calendar for more information. span id=

Caliph (خليف)

See Khalif.

Calligraphy (خط)

Calligraphy is known as khat in Arabic.

Chador (چادر)

The chador (pronounced correctly as chaddir) is an item of clothing used by women. It is effectively a large, thin, shawl that is wrapped around the body and covers the head too. It is most popular in Iran, although it is coming out of fashion, and it is usually black in colour.

The first letter of the true-form word is a Persian letter.

Chair (كرسي)

The Arabic word for chair is 'Kursi'


Voluntary alms (loving kindness towards others)

Child (طفل)

Child in Arabic is 'Tifl'.

Children (اطفال)

Children in Arabic is 'Atfal'. A single child is known as a 'tifl'.

Christian (مسيحي)

The word 'Christian' in Arabic is 'Maseehy'.

Circumambulate (طواف)

To circumambulate (this is an English word), is to go round the K'aba seven times. This is a rite-of-passage of Hajj. In Arabic this is known as doing Tawaf.

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