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Balad (بلد)

A country or state.

Balaghah (بلاغه)

Eloquence. Balaghah usually comes in a sentance as part of the title of a famous book called Nahj al Balaghah - The Peak of Eloquence. This book contains beautifully worded sermons narrated by Imam Ali (AS).

Baligh (بالغ)

Baligh means developed. A human is said to be baligh when they have attained the age of puberty or what fiqh has defined as 'adulthood', when a child is not a child anymore and becomes responsible for his or her deeds for which they may entail punishment on Judgement Day.

Depending on who's fiqh interpretations a Muslim follows, the ages of balaghah vary. Often for boys, the age of Balaghah is considered to be 15.5 years of age, whereas for girls it is 9 and up, or when they start to have periods.

Bani (بني)

Bani means 'children of'. For example, 'Bani Israel' are the Children of Israel (descendants of Prophet Jacob).

Bani Israeel (بني إسرائيل)

Bani Israeel means 'Children of Israel'. As you may know, Prophet Israeel (AS) is Prophet Yaqoob (Jacob), and the people who descended from him are known as the children of Israeel; Children of Prophet Jacob (AS).

Baqarah (بقره)


Baqii (البقيع)

Al-Baqii is the name of the cemetery where a good many of the Sahabah are buried. It is in the south-east side of Madina.span id=

Barakallah Feek (باركالله فيك)

This is an expression which means: "May the blessings of Allah be upon you." When a Muslim wants to thank to another person, he uses different statements to express his thanks, appreciation, and gratitude. One of them is to say Barakallah Feek, (or Barakallah Beek).

Barid (بارد)

Cold or cool.


Barry is an English name meaning 'Marksman'.

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