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Akhuk (اخوك)

Akhuk means 'Your brother'.


Akika (offering a sacrifice to win the favor of God)

Al (ال)

"The", or "of the".

It is used before most words. In English it is normal to list things: sun, moon, dog and cat; but in Arabic it is written A-shams, Al-Qamar, Al-Kelb, Al-Qitah.

This is used a lot like 'le' or 'la' in the French language. It's placing in a sentence is similar. Le Lit (The Bed) - Al-Firash.
But there are some words that use 'A' without including the 'l' or use 'As'. eg. A-Shams (The Sun) or As-Samaa (The Sky).

Al Akhirah (الآخره)

Al-Akhira refers to The Last day which is Judgment day. This day every person will be called to account for their actions during life before a judgment is passed to whether they enter heaven, hell or limbo.

Al Amin (الأمين)

Al Amin (or Al Ameen) was one of the nick-names given to the Prophet Muhammed (SAW). It means 'The trustworthy', and the Prophet was well known by the people for this trait, and he was implicitly trusted by all.

Al Fatiha (الفاتحه)

Al Fatiha - 'The Opening (Chapter)'. This is the name of first Surah (chapter) in the Quran.

Al Quds (القدس)

Al Quds is the Arabic name for the town of Jerusalem, Palestine. The word Quds is derived from a word meaning Holy.

Alaikum (عليكم)

This word means 'upon you', but it is usually found with a word preceding it, especially the word assalamu so it is 'assalamu alaikum' - peace be upon you.

Alan (آلان)

Alan is an English name meaning 'Handsome one'.

Alastair (ألستير)

Alastair is an English name meaning 'Defender of Men'.

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