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Ahad (أحد)

One. Often this word is used in reference to the oneness of Allah (God).

Ahadeeth (أحاديث)

Many Hadiths.

Ahkam (احكام)

Laws or orders. There are six types in Islam:
1. Compulsory (Wajib)
2. Order without obligation (Mustahab)
3. Forbidden (Muharram)
4. Disliked but not forbidden (Makruh)
5. Legal and allowed (Halal)
6. no law defined/required (Mubah)

Most clerics and teachers will only state the first 5 of the laws. The sixth one is essential because it asserts the fact that some things are ambiguous and doesn't neccessarily.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan (اهلاً و سهلاً)

This is a phrase used in welcoming guests. It is a very old Arab greeting.

Ahlulbayt (أهل البيت)

Ahlulbayt are the family of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). They hold a special place in the hearts of the Mu'mineen (devout believers). There is some disagreement upon who qualifies to be a member of his household - are the wives of the Prophet included or not? Nonetheless, the definite members of the household are:
(1) The Prophet Muhammed himself,
(2) Ali (Cousin of the Prophet, and husband to his daughter),
(3) Fatimah (Daughter of the Prophet, and wife of Ali),
(4) Hassan (Son of Ali and Fatimah),
(5) Hussain (Son of Ali and Fatimah).
May Allah's blessings be bestowed upon them.

Ahmaq (احمق)

Fool or idiot.

Ahzab (أحزاب)

Many parties - political usually.

Ain (عين)

Eye or source.

Aisha (عائشه)

Aisha is the name of one of Prophet Mohammed's (SAW) wives, and she is the daughter of one of the Prophet's companions - Abu Bakr.

Aisha is a common name for Muslim girls and it means 'living'.

The Prophet married her when she was young. Her age is not fully agreed upon but most people say she married at the age of 9.


This slang Arabic word means 'Yes'. It is commonly used in Egypt.

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