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Ayna (اين)

Where or wherever.

Ayyoob (أيوب)

Prophet Ayyoob (also written Ayoob or Ayub) is known as Job in the English bible.

Ayyoob was a Prophet who lived a sheltered and prosperous life so God decided to test him after Satan said that Ayyoob was only grateful to God due to material wealth. Ayyoob was tested by his Lord and he lost his livelihood, his house, wives, children and he also became very ill, but he remained constant in his devotion to God and worship saying - 'God has taken away what he gave me and I was only the caretaker of his property for a while. God gives to whom he wills and he takes away from whom he wills'. God was impressed with this patience and devotion and in time the Prophet had all his things return back to him but better and more, and he become healthier and happier than ever before. This story is an example for the believers that they should be ready to be tested and be patient even if they may lose their loved ones and possessions.

Azab (عذاب)

See Athab.

Azan (أذان)

See Athan.

Aziz (عزيز)

Aziz (pronounced azeez) is a popular boy's name. It means wise. One of the names of God is 'Al Aziz'.

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