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Aal (آل)

The word aal means kinsfolk or family. For example, Aali Mohammed(PBUH&HP) means the family of Mohammed.

Aamil (عامل)

A 'amil is a worker.

Aauzu (أعوذ)

Aauzu (better spelt a`udhu) is used in popular Islamic phrases like a`udhu billah minashaitanir rajeem. The word is translated to mean 'I seek refuge', or 'I seek protection'.

Ab (أب)

Ab or Abb means Father.

Abayah (عباية)

The `Abayah is a long cloak that women wear. Depending on how it is worn and how long it is, it suffices as a suitable hijab and dress on its own if it covers the head (except the face) and the body (except the hands) properly.

Abb (أب)

See Ab.

Abd (عبد)

Servant/Slave. eg. the name Abdullah means servant of Allah.

Abdul (عبد ال)

The word Abdul alone doesn't mean anything much. Alone it means 'servant/slave of' and features as the first part of a name. Usually the word features an additional word after it - for example Abdul Rahman, a popular boy's name, means servant/slave of the all Merciful (God).

Abdullah (عبدالله)

The name Abdullah means servant of Allah. It was the name of the Prophet Muhammed's (PBUH&HP) father.

Abel (هابيل)

Abel is one of the sons of Prophet Adam (PBUH). He is known as Habeel in Arabic. His brother was called Cain (Qabeel).

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