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Birthday of Imam Ali (PBUH) : A Letter from a Father to a Son

Re: Birthday of Imam Ali (PBUH) : A Letter from a Father to a Son

by Ali Rizvi -
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In His name

An Interesting Poem:

Mohammad Hosain Shahriyaar Tabrizi was a contemporary Persian poet who one midnight at his home, composed the following poem in praise of Hadrat Ali (PBUH). That same night, a very prominent Shi'ah Marja', Aayatullah Mar'ashi Najafi in the city of Qom, while sleeping had a dream that the known poet, Shahriyaar, was reciting a poem in front of Hadrat Ali (PBUH); the Aayatullah woke up and quickly wrote down the poem which he remembered completely.

The next morning, the Aayatullah sent some one after Shahriyaar and invited him to Qum. When Shahriyaar went to visit the Aayatullah, Aayatullah recited the poem for him. Shahriyaar was very surprised because he had not yet recited that poem for absolutely no one …; not realizing that he had actually composed that poem in the presence of Hadrat Ali (PBUH)!

May we as the Shi'ah, never forget that the AhlulBayt (PBUT) are, by Allah's Permission, witnesses to our deeds; what do you think? Is the living Mahdi (PBUH) not aware of our deeds during his Occultation?!

For Allah, what kind of a Sign, are you? O' the Dove of love and Mercy!

For, all the auspicious shadow, you have cast upon the rest, O' Ali!


O heart! Knowing Allah, if you wish, see all in countenance of Ali!

I swear by Allah, I have gotten to know Allah, through Ali.


In both worlds, swear by Allah, no sign of non-existence, shall remain,

If the head of the existence fountain, is held by Ali.


Otherwise the Hell shall, unless you rain, O' the cloud of Mercy!

Burn the souls of all the rest, with prevailing Fire, O' Ali!


O' the needy indigent! Go knock on the door of Ali!

For, the kingdom gem, he bestows on the poor, out of generosity.


About my killer, says to his son, who but Ali?

Being your captive, now deal with prisoner, patiently.


A wonderful son -who has risen in the world, 

Martyrs of karbala- Brings to the world, who but Ali?


Among devoted, when a covenant is made with the Friend (Allah),

Who can fulfill the allegiance, like Ali?


Neither can I call him Allah, nor can I say, human;

King of the Kingdom of Laa Fataa1, I wonder what to call Ali!


To my two blood-shedding eyes, behold! O' breeze of Mercy!

Bring me some dust, as Tootiyaa2, from his (Ali's) vicinity.


Hoping that, they may reach the dust under your feet;

I've given messages, all heartaches,, to Sabaa3 the wind.


Since destiny-changer, you are, by the prayers of the needy;

Turn away from our souls, any harm of decree.


Why every moment, like a pipe, do I play his eager melody?

When, Lesaanul-Ghayb4 plays better than I, this melody:


"Every night, I hope, the morning breeze; a known (me),

It will touch, with a message from the Known (Ali)."



Hear from the melody of the Yaa Haq5 bird, that in the middle of the night,

So peaceful it is, O' Shahriyaar! telling heart-pains to friend (Ali).


Notes:Let us always remember that the power and knowledge of the AhlulBayt (PBUT) are Divinely bestowed, and such matters are all by Allah's Permission.

1- When in the battle of Ohod most everyone including AbuBakr and 'Omar and …, ran away from the battlefield, it was Ali (PBUH) who remained and protected the most beloved Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH&HP) life; then, a voice from Heavens chanted, "No honorable man (Laa Fataa) but Ali; no sword but Dhol-Faghaar (the name of Ali's sword which is now with Imam Mahdi -PBUT-).

2- Tootiyaa is a natural substance which is very good for the eyes and it also emphasizes the eyes.

3- Sabaa is the name of a gentle breeze which usually blows from the side of Yemen.

4- Lesaanul-Ghayb is another title for a 14th century A.D. Persian poet, better known as Hafiz.

5- Yaa Haq is the name of a bird whose melody sounds like 'Yaa Haq' which means O' Allah!

source:kindfather website