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Salaamon Alaikom,
On the occasion of the 15th of Shaban, the auspicious birthday anniversary of Imam Mahdi (May Allah Hasten His reappearance) we will hold a live lecture by Dr. Fatemi.
He is the founder of Quran and Etrat Online Organization and the faculty member of University of Tehran, Iran.
He has studied Islamic studies for more than 30 years and has taught several Islamic courses to various level of students (specially Imam Mahdi course).
We would like to take this great opportunity to invite you all to this event.

Time: Today April 9 (15th Sha'ban), 2020, 13:30 GMT
Title: The meaning of Occultation of Imam Mahdi May Allah Hasten His Faraj (follow by Questions and Answers)

URL: http://vclas9.ut.ac.ir/etrat

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