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"Discussion Forum"

"Discussion Forum"

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In His Name, the Most High

الحمد لله الذی هدینا لهذا و ما کنا لنهتدی لولا ان هدنا الله...

“All praise belongs to Allah, who guided us to this. We would have never been guided had not Allah guided us…(HQ/ 7: 43)

Dear Sisters/Brothers,
Salaamon Alaikom

You welcome to Quran and Etrat Online University. The Fall Semester has been started and we have new friends in the way for learning more about the true religion of Ahlulbait from each other.

Respected friends; the “Discussion Forum” has been set up for your questions about religious subjects, presenting the interesting traditions and short stories in different occasions, your comments about the traditions on the FrontPage of the University website.

We are looking forward to your active participations in “Discussion Forum”.

Best Regards;
Track of Light