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Live Lecture By Brother Maytham McCabe

Live Lecture By Brother Maytham McCabe

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Salaamon Alaikom,
It is our great pleasure to announce that a live lecture is scheduled entitled “The Importance of Morality in Contemporary Era”.


Presenter: Our brother in Islam, Mr. Maytham McCabe from Canada, besides successfully passing the program at Quran and Etrat Online University, Maytham has also studied a masters level of Islamic studies from Al Mustafa Open University and has studied Muqadamat (introductory) hawzah subjects at Al Qaem Insititute.

Date: Thursday February 21, 2019, 4:00 PM GMT

Abstract: In this webinar we shall discuss the moral benefits and requirements both from an individual aspect and from the social aspect. While doing so we will discover some key features of Islamic Morality and some of their wider implications. In this short we will find that morality is a key feature required for a successful a individual and a flourishing society.

To join this live lecture, please visit , 1 hour before the start of the program.

Quran and Etrat Support Team