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Chapters of Quran

Chapters of Quran

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Dear Students,

Salaamon Alaikom,


The registration for the extracurricular course ‘Chapters of Quran 2’ is now open today. Classes will start from this Sunday (5th February).

Please note, Students who have previously enrolled and passed chapters of Quran 1 course may now enroll themselves in the continuation course from the registration link provided on the front page of the site page.(Click the poster)

Please note, students who have not taken the first course will need to be patient for the next time the first course is available for registration. (InshaAllah, next semester).

Or they can study (just) the last chapters of Quran in this course.

Also please note, it is not required to enroll from the LMS, it is only required to enrol from the registration link on the site poster page.


Academic Administration