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Speech on Imam Hossein (PBUH)

Speech on Imam Hossein (PBUH)

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In His name


May Allah accept your azadaries.

It is important to know what we should do in our life when the grandson of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) got martyred with many of his dearest companions and family members on the day of Ashura to make us aware of the true message of Islam exactly at a time when some disbelievers were offering a totally deviated picture of Islam to people of their time.  Imam Hossein's martyrdom was the only way truth could be preserved forever. 

This is an English speech by Sayyed Mahdi Modarresi about "our duties towards Imam Hossein (AS)"... 




You can find some other speeches regarding Imam Hossein and other Islamic topics in the following site (including two speeches in which he is reading some parts of "Maqatal" or the narration of what happened on the day of Ashura...)


The following are two Powerpoint presentations about Muharram and Karbala:



Allahuma Ajjil Li Valliyekal Faraj

Labbaika Ya Hossein