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Take Part in Spreading the Message of Ghadir

 Track of Light!
Re: Take Part in Spreading the Message of Ghadir
by Track of Light - Friday, 17 October 2014, 8:18 PM

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Islam,
Salaamon Alaikom,

Please accept our best congratulations on the occasion of Ei al-Ghadir.
Please find below the link to an English translation of the book entitled

"Ghadīr in the Traditions of the Prophet’s Progeny: An Exposition of the Tradition of Ghadīr in Shī`ī Sources"
by Ayatullah Sayyid `Alī Husainī Al-Mīlānī.

This translation is based on the Farsi book available from http://www.al-milani.com/farsi/library/lib-mas.php?booid=28

Pleas feel free to post this book on your website as well as forward it to other colleagues and friends.
We humbly ask for your prayers and welcome your comments and suggestion.

Best regards,
Quran and Etrat Extracurricular Team