Regulations in Quran and Etrat Online University


1- Accepting the students

·       Application Form is open on all days of the year

·       Applicants will be announced that the received forms will be surveyed on the certain days of the year.

2- Registration

·       The registration process must be in accordance with the educational calendar.

·       The deadline for registration will be extended with the approval of Executive committee

·       If the number of courses students were not about quorum 5 (semester courses 1 to 4) and 3 (semester courses of 5 to 8), the courses are removed from the list of courses after the period add and drop.

3- Graduation

All candidates for attaining a certification in graduation must meet the following minimum credits and grade point average (GPA) requirements:

·         The Students, who have passed 80 units, can be graduated.

·         Students can pass 18 optional units and if do not pass at least 8 of them cannot be graduated.

·          They must attain at least a 60% GPA in the professional education courses and have no grade lower than a “60” in all professional education courses.

·         The Quran and Etrat Online university percent scoring is used and below 65% is not acceptable and/ or 0-60% is considered a fail.