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Thank You (شكراً)

Thank you is 'Shukran' in Arabic.

Thanks (شكراً)

See Thank you.

Thawab (ثواب)

When a good action or form of worship is done for the sake of God, you get positive points. These points are known as thawab. If you have more positive points (thawab) than negative points (ithim), then you enter heaven. If not, you enter hell. If your thawab and ithim are equal then you will be in limbo.

Thawb (ثوب)

Robe or dress.

the civil and penal laws of human society

Law dealing with the private rights of citizens, not with crime.

the commands regulating actions

orders or restrictions for controlling persons

The discussion of generalities and particularities

the discussion of specialties and commonest ( In this discussion a law is expressed as general and then the exclusions will be explained.)

The discussion of imperatives

The discussion of injunctions or religious commands (There are many verses in Holy Quran or discussions in narrations as commands or orders that who know the knowledge of " Osul" should answer them clearly. the discussion of essential or obligatory something ).

The discussion of negative imperatives

The discussion of religious injunctions (It is another discussion of the knowledge of Osul which shows that the negative imperatives are forbidden or undesirable ....)

The discussion of tacit meanings

The discussion of concepts (the discussion of understanding without being put into words)

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