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Talib (طالب)

Student or someone who requests a thing. E.g. Talibul Ilm, means Requester of Knowledge.

Tamr (تمر)

Dates (fruit of the date palm).

Taqiyya (تقية)

Dissimulation - to conceal, partially conceal or disguise one's true feelings, beliefs or information when there is threat of death or serious harm and when there is a threat of great evil.

Taqleed (تقليد)

Taqleed means 'emulation' or 'copying' another individual. In Islam, Muslims do taqleed of a scholar who they believe preaches the correct thing in fiqh (jurisprudence - religious law). They do this by following his opinions concerning fiqh issues.

Taqlid (تقليد)

See Taqleed.

Taqwa (تقوى)

Taqwa is a concept in Islam that is interpreted by some Islamic Scholars as God consciousness. It has many further understandings and interpretations. Taqwa may mean piousness, fear of Allah, love for Allah, and self restraint.

Having Taqwa allows a person to be constantly aware of both God's presence and attributes and a reminder of their relationship and responsibility to God as His creation and servant. The scholars explain that the way to taqwa is through obedience of God, avoiding disobedience, and striving to stay away from doubtful matters.

Taraweeh (تراويح)

This is a prayer that is done by Ahlul Sunnah (Sunni Muslims) during the month of Ramadhan and it is done after the isha prayers and before fajr prayers. It is a voluntary deed of worship.


optional evening prayer in Ramadan in Sunni school

Tauhid (توحيد)

See Tawheed.

Taurat (توراة)

Torah. This is the first 5 chapters/books (Pentateuch - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) of the Old Testament and it was revealed to Prophet Moses (AS).

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