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Tajweed (تجويد)

Tajweed is either the act of reciting or the actual medium of a special type of recitation of the Quran. It is a beautiful recitation method that employs all the diacritics and rules of recitation in lengthening, shortening and altering sounds of letters so that it results in a wonderful sounding recitation of the Quran. It takes a long time to complete the Quran with proper tajweed and great skill to do it well.

Tajwid (تجويد)

See Tajweed.

Takalam (تكلم)

Takalam is an order for someone to speak. Takalami is the feminine form used when speaking to a woman.

Takbeer (تكبير)

Takbeer is saying 'Allah Akbar' - Allah (God) is the Greatest.

Takbir (تكبير)

See Takbeer.

Takfeer (تكفير)

The action of claiming a person or a group are kafir.

Takfir (تكفير)

See Takfeer.

Takwah (تقوى)

See Taqwa.

Talaak (طلاق)

See Talaq.

Talaq (طلاق)


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