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Visiting the holy places, visit (a journey made to a place as a mark of respect).

Pilgrimage (حج)

The Arabic word for pilgrimage is 'Hajj'.


Righteous, guardian against evil,ascetic (devout in religion, too virtuous, sanctimonious).

Pious men

Virtuouses (who are too virtuous)


Imploring for help, supplication (make an appeal or entreaty, put forward as an excuse)

Please (من فظلك)

Min fadhlek.

Power (قوة)

The Arabic word for power (strength) is 'quwah'.


Supplication (say prayers, to entreat).

Prayer (صلاة)

There are two words for prayer in Arabic - they are different types of prayer:
(1) Salat - the defined and organised prayer, 5 of which are obligatory daily.
(2) Du`a' - unregulated personal supplication to God.

The Arabic True Form shown is of the word Salat.

Prayer niche

Altar, adytum (a small place in front part of mosque that the Imam stands there for prayer.)

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