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Pak (پاك)

Ritually pure. (Tahir in Arabic).

Although it is an Urdu word it is used by all sorts of people who are not Arab. Even the Persians use this word. The first letter of the word is not native to the Arabic language, so it is usually replaced with the Arabic 'baa' letter. The true type version shown is with the person 'pe' letter.

Palestine (فلسطين)

Palestine is a country in the Middle East and is currently occupied by the illegal state of Israel. Arabs call this country philisteen.


The common English word used to refer to Jannah.

Particular Islamic customs

Special Islamic disciplines (special Islamic way of behaving or of doing something)

Partnership of Capital and Labo

A contract of co-partnership (be share with another or others in capital and labor).

Patience (صبر)

The Arabic word for patience is sabr.

Peace (سلام)

The Arabic word for peace is 'Salam'. Salam is also the Muslim greeting, like Hello.

Peace Be Upon Him

'Peace Be Upon Him' is an English phraze that is said as a sign of respect after mentioning a Prophet. Islam requires we love and respect all the Prophets and saying this after their name is one sign of reverance. The common acronym for this phraze is (PBUH).


fearing God, God wariness, abstinence (piousness)

Pilgrim (حجي)

The Arabic word for someone who has made pilgrimage (hajj) to Mekkah is 'hajji' if they are male, or 'hijjiyah' if they are female.

The Arabic shown is for hajji. The female form is حجيه


Visiting the holy places, visit (a journey made to a place as a mark of respect).

Pilgrimage (حج)

The Arabic word for pilgrimage is 'Hajj'.


Righteous, guardian against evil,ascetic (devout in religion, too virtuous, sanctimonious).

Pious men

Virtuouses (who are too virtuous)


Imploring for help, supplication (make an appeal or entreaty, put forward as an excuse)

Please (من فظلك)

Min fadhlek.

Power (قوة)

The Arabic word for power (strength) is 'quwah'.


Supplication (say prayers, to entreat).

Prayer (صلاة)

There are two words for prayer in Arabic - they are different types of prayer:
(1) Salat - the defined and organised prayer, 5 of which are obligatory daily.
(2) Du`a' - unregulated personal supplication to God.

The Arabic True Form shown is of the word Salat.

Prayer niche

Altar, adytum (a small place in front part of mosque that the Imam stands there for prayer.)

Profound understanding

Jurisprudence, lit. insight, divine law, canonical law [deep, intense understanding (the religious subjects, here), requiring much study or thought].

Prophet (نبي)

The Arabic word for Prophet is 'nabi'.

Psalms (زبور)

The Psalms are known as the 'Zaboor' in Arabic. They are a revelation from God given to Prophet Dawood (David) (PBUH).


Podium, minbar (a raised enclosed platform in a mosque.)


Divine chastisement, torture, torment, suffering (a penalty for an offense, being punished).

Punishment, reward

Retribution, reward, recompense (a penalty for an offence).


Penalties (a punishment for breaking a law, rule, or contract.)

Pure (صافي)

The Arabic word for pure is 'safi' or 'tahir' depending on its usage.


state of purity, purification, ritual purity (pureness)

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