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Miswak (مسواك)

The miswak is the natural equivalent of the toothbrush. It is a short twig with frayed bristles that is used to brush the teeth and it is made from the twigs of the Salvadora persica (Peelu or Arak) tree.

The Prophet (SAW) highly recommended using the miswak to clean the teeth. The miswak has a natural anti-bacterial effect and decreases tooth decay and improves the odour of the mouth. It is recommended to use the miswaq (even if you have a modern toothbrush) before praying as it is stated in hadith that the reward for the prayer will be increased 70-fold.

Mohammad (محمد)

See Muhammed.

Moon (قمر)

The Arabic word for moon is 'Qamar'. A crescent moon is known as a 'hilal'

Moosa (موسى)

See Musa.

Moral perfection

Virtuous (moral excellence, goodness)

Morality and self-perfection

Ethics, morals (moral principles or rules, Islamic system or particular system of morals)

More (أكثر)

The Arabic word for 'more' is Akthar.

Morocco (مغرب)

Official Name: Kingdom of Morocco.
In Arabic, the country is called 'Maghrib'.
Capital: Rabat.


Pawning [give someone a claim on (property) as security for payment of a debt or loan, deposited ( a thing ) with a pawn broker as security for money borrowed.]

Mosque (مسجد)

The Arabic word for mosque is masjid.

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